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3:30 PM - 6 PM

I have always been becoming. 
I've become a Music Therapist (MT-BC), a mother, an entrepreneur, a singer, storyteller, and now writer of songs.  In my life I've been happy, sad, serious, a total goofball.  I've succeeded and failed, been afraid and been brave, been confident and humbled.  I carry all of the things that I've been and that I'm becoming with me into my music. 
I'm heading to Nashville to record my debut EP in March 2020!  I would LOVE IT if you followed along with me on my email list and social media as I bring this new music into the world in 2020!
   I am also excited to be working behind the scenes on not only my debut EP but also a full length album!  I've been composing music for these project for over 2 years and am on the verge of releasing them into the world.  My EP  is a fun, soulful, heartfelt, rock n roll country EP and I'm really proud of the tunes! They're sure to get you dancing and feeling sassy.  #letthegirlsplay   
My album will be more reflective and soulful.  I've often turned to music to express myself and I know there is power in music to heal, energize, and not simply to entertain. Though it is entertaining (and I try to be!) I just love to use music to its full potential.  My deepest hope is to see others and connect with them through music.  It is my privilege to be able to sing, write, and record songs.  I am passionate about helping people through my work as a music therapist as a performer and songwriter.  I am excited to begin sharing the music I've been crafting over the past 2 years with you all!  hope you will follow along with me on my music journey and find some songs you like for the the soundtrack of your becoming as well!