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Military Passes - Available at Pre-Jam Parties!

 You must have current military ID, DD214 or official paperwork showing current or previous service in the Armed Forces or National Guard. 

Each Pre-Jam Party features a DJ or Live Music with Lakes Jam Passes and other Prizes given out!

December 30th        The Sidetrack, Brainerd, MN          My Famous Friends

January 27th             The Sidetrack, Brainerd, MN          Wayside

February 3rd             The Sidetrack, Brainerd, MN          Jacob Borgstrom


If you know a bar in your town who would like to host a Pre-Jam Party, let us know!

The bar is responsible to cover the band (pick your own or we can help!), and Lakes Jam does the promoting on social media, radio, email, on-site ticket giveaways and more!

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