Military Passes - Available at Pre-Jam Parties!

 You must have current military ID, DD214 or official paperwork showing current or previous service in the Armed Forces or National Guard. 

Each Pre-Jam Party features a DJ or Live Music with Lakes Jam Passes and other Prizes given out!

2022 Pre Jam Parties!


Sat  Apr 9th     2 Tall Tavern                        8pm - 11pm    Live Music by The Tail Gunners


Sat  Apr 16th    St. Mathis Bar & Grill           7pm - 11pm     Live Music by Wayside


Fri  Apr 29th    The Pit Stop Brainerd          6pm - 8pm     Live Music by Kelly Peterson


Sat Apr 30th     Sidetrack                             8pm - 1am      Live Music by Wayne Renn Band

Fri May 6th       Sidetrack                             8pm - 1am      Live Music by The Soupbones

Sat  May 7th     The Log Cabin - Superior   8pm - 12am    Live Music by The Hillbilly Outlaws

Fri    May 13th   The Side Track                    8pm - 12am    Live Music by Jake Nelson

Sat  May 14th    Spring Bash -Green Lantern   3:30 - Close   Live Music by October Sun, King's            Advanced Tickets are $20                                                       Ransom and Muddy Water


Thu  May 19th    KC's                                     6pm - 8:15pm    Live Music by Benjamin Raye

Fri   May 20th    Route 47                              8pm - 11pm       Live Music by A Rising Force, FUZZRD                                                                                                        and Wayward Boyz Klub

Sat May 21st       Sidetrack                            9pm - 12am      Live Music by Hailey James


Wed  June 8th   Charlie's on Prior               TBD                  Live Music by Jake Nelson


Thu   June 9th  Shep's                                   7pm - 10pm     Live Music by Tony Williams


Sun June 12th   Howie's St. Stephen             2pm - 5pm    Live Music by David Reed Watson 


If you know a bar in your town who would like to host one, let us know!

The bar is responsible to cover the band (pick your own or we can help!) and Lakes Jam does the promoting on social media, radio, email, on-site ticket giveaways and more!