Military Passes - Available at Pre-Jam Parties!

Lakes Jam will be working with Camp Ripley and other sites for our event to offer discounted Lakes Jam 3-Day passes  These passes (one per person) MUST be purchased at Camp Ripley or other sites.  You must have current military ID, DD214 or official paperwork showing current or previous service in the Armed Forces or National Guard. 

Each Pre-Jam Party features a DJ or Live Music with Lakes Jam Passes and other Prizes given out!

ALL Dates and Times for 2021 will be announced soon.


2019 / 2020 Dates

Wed Nov 27th    The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 11pm    Featuring Shotgun Drama Junkies   Sponsored by Bud Light!

Sat   Feb 29th    The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm    Featuring MoeDell      Sponsored by The Babinski Foundation

Sat   Mar 21st    The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm    Featuring Ledfoot Larry     Sponsored by Tito's Vodka

Fri     Apr 10th    Howie's in St. Stephen        7pm - 12pm    Featuring Chris Dobson     Sponsored by Bud Light

Fri     Apr 24th    The Sawmill in Virginia        7pm - 12pm    Featuring The Pour Boyz    Sponsored by Bud Light

Sat    Apr 25th    The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm    Featuring The Farmer's Daughters  

Fri      May 1st    Shep's on 6th Brainerd        7pm - 12pm    Featuring DJ Walzy

Sat    May 2nd    The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm 

Sat    May 16th   The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm    Featuring Lolah     

TBD  May TBD   Johnny C's Little Falls          7pm - 12pm    Featuring  TBD

TBD   May TBD  The Lookout Maple Grove   7pm - 12pm    Featuring Anderson Daniels

Sat     June 6th   The Side Track Brainerd      7pm - 12pm    Featuring The Plott Hounds  Sponsor Babinski Foundation

Sat    June 13th  The Woods Brainerd            7pm - 12pm    Featuring  TBD


More to come!   If you know a bar in your town who would like to host one, let us know!

The bar is responsible to cover the band (pick your own or we can help!) and Lakes Jam does the promoting on social media, radio, email and more!