Reserved Camping

We are still working on renewal.  REserved Sites will be available to the public soon.  We will announce on Social Media and via Email.

Venue Map - Click to Magnify

  • Campsites are at least 20' wide and 30' to 40' long.  Campsites with the number ending in 30 on the map are under 40' long.

  • Includes one vehicle pass

  • 1 Sleeping unit per site. 

  • Marked off campsites 

  • Guaranteed spot upon arrival

  • Close to concert area

  • Camping Wristbands required for all parties in camping areas

  • Some sites are on asphalt or partial asphalt.

  • Full Service Restrooms, including showers located in all camping areas and the concert bowl.

  • Golf Carts and ATV's allowed with Pass

  • Every site that is reserved will have the right to reserve that site again.

Venue Map 2021.jpg

Bass Campground - Click to Magnify

Bass Reserved Camping Map.jpg

Muskie Campground - Click to Magnify

Muskie Reserved Camping.jpg

Trout, Trout East and Pike Campsites are on Tar and Class Five with exception of The top row of Pike

As of June 21st, all the site numbers in Trout, Trout East and Pike have been adjusted.  If you purchase a site online, it will not match up because the online ordering system can't be updated at this time.  The file below shows which Site number ordered relates to the new maps below.  We are sorry for the confusion!

Trout and Trout East Campground

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2021 new trout numbered.jpg

Pike Campground

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2021 new Pike numbered.jpg