Festival camping 101: Lakes Jam Camping Options

March 8, 2014

So you think you have what it takes to camp like a rockstar? These tips will help you go toe-to-toe with mother nature and come back victorious...or at least with your dignity and self-respect.


Rockstars often don’t know where they’re going...that’s the tour manager’s job. You don’t have a tour manager, so hike up your skirt and take charge of the trip. You don’t have to follow a strict agenda, but knowing where the bathrooms are and WHO is playing WHEN helps.

Who Packed Toilet Taper?

What to bring along is crucial. Too much and you risk looking like a “Can’t-Hack-It”, bring too little and you risk leaving your friends in a situation like this:


Just remember enough clothes to go through the weather and enough from home to be sure someone won’t notice you borrowing their toothbrush. Camping like a rockstar is less about baggage and more about necessities!Pick Your Campsite StylePicking the site is just as important as remembering where it is. It’s like deciding where to park. The spot closest to the action might make leaving less of a choice and more of a waiting game. Do your research on the differences between each site and pick one suited to your camping style. Are you camping with the comfort of an RV , or do you just need a place to keep your stuff out of the rain while you are off scouting for Bret Michaels?Visit our interactive map.


Respect the Badger

You’ve got it all put together; bags are packed, site is chosen, and the dog is fed. Sure...you can almost predict the weather and you canalmost be sure that your tent doesn't have a hole in it, but mother nature can be highly unpredictable. Take this last tip with you. Respect your surroundings or prepare to stare mother nature in the face.

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