Preparing for a Music Festival

June 16, 2014


Tickets? Check. Transportation? Check. Beer? CHECK. Friends and family on board? Check and check. 

So, the basics in advance of your camping trip during Lakes Jam are covered. So, what else??

If you’re one of the hundreds of folks planning to camp out for the weekend, you’ve probably already made your “must pack” list, and checked it twice. 

But, as anyone who’s ever set off on a vacation of any length knows, there will always be that short list of forgotten odds and ends that you wish you’d thought about before hitting the road. 

So, in advance of the summer’s big Brainerd Lakes area party, here’s a short list of things you’re gonna want to have on hand. 


This one might seem pretty obvious, but it’s essential. Our advice? Pack the amount of water you think you’ll need...and then double it. With all the food, beer and dancing at Lakes Jam, hydration is key to keeping you going. Be ready!


Camping is messy business, which is always expected. BUT, there are going to be times when you’ll want to freshen up, quickly and simply. Bring a stockpile of wet wipes for your hands and face. It’s an easy, low-commitment way to freshen up all weekend long.



Summer days are long, but sooner or later, it’s gonna get dark. Don’t get stranded, wandering around, looking for a bathroom or something you dropped without a light source. Headlamps are a nice, hands-free option, but a good old fashioned flashlight will also come in handy. 



It’s MINNESOTA! Don’t forget these two crucial products. You can live without shampoo and body lotion. But if anything has the potential to ruin your Lakes Jam weekend, it’s a body riddled with burns and bug bites!




We DO have a first aid kiosk here at Lakes Jam, but if you’re in need of something simple like an aspirin or a band-aid, it’s pretty nifty to have that on hand - rather than spend valuable jammin’ time looking for one. 



Here’s one that needs to make it onto any pre-music fest camping checklist. Of course, toilet paper is provided in our numerous restrooms, but let’s face it - there are a ton of people at Lakes Jam. Coming prepared with your own rolls of Charmin will ensure you’re not caught at the porta-potty empty-handed. 



Wet socks are a bummer, especially at night when the temperature drops. Make sure you have a few extra pairs stuffed in your bag. 



If you’re like me, you’re so used to plugging your phone into the same charger, attached to the same outlet, every day. And, in the excitement leading up to your Lakes Jam trip, you may forget to detach it from it’s home base. Well, consider this your reminder. After all, a phone is more than a phone - it’s your camera for capturing all the memories of the weekend!


Not the most rock and roll reminder, but if you’re planning to get close to the monitors, you might want to pack some ear plugs. Party on - and save your hearing in the process!



Last but not least, you’re going to want a small bag for all of these essentials when you’re on the go! For the adventurous, we suggest a nice, hands-free fanny pack. You’re camping; it doesn’t matter what you look like! 


Here’s what we’ve put together. If you have any tips about what not to forget in advance of a Lakes Jam campout, add a comment below!


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