International Watercross Association to Preform at Lakes Jam 2015

May 21, 2015

Need one more reason to attend Lakes Jam this year? We really don’t think so, but just in case you haven’t bought your ticket yet, we’ve added one more amazing event to our 2015 lineup. This addition is not another musical act, though there is certainly some sort of art and magic to the men and  women of the International Watercross Association.


The IWA is a nonprofit organization that is completely member owned and operated. The organization has been around since 1988, when the sport was relatively new. The mission of the IWA is to provide a safe environment for Snowmobile Watercross Racing. At its inception, the sport needed a set of uniform rules and guidelines for events to promote fair and safe competition. Apart from being a forerunner in the sport, the IWA is also an active supporter of ISR - International Snowmobile Racing. The ISR is a service organization set to assist the needs of watercross clubs and organizations in their organizational and safety procedures.


Above all, IWA is really, really neat. Watching some brave and talented men and women race across water on a snowmobile may not be the first thing you would expect from a music festival, and that is exactly why we chose the IWA - we want each Lakes Jam experience to be new and exciting. 2015 marks Lakes Jam’s third year of music and entertainment, so if you haven’t experienced one yet, this would be a good year to start.



Begin the final day at Lakes Jam watching some rambunctious racers cruise across the water. Be there, Saturday June 27th from 11am to 2pm, to see the IWA race across our pond within the full service campground. The event, sponsored by Northern Lights Casino, is one exclusive to Lakes Jam music festival - where else in the area can you get a variety of music and entertainment in one excellent experience? Only at Lakes Jam.

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