Work Hard, Play Harder with Lakes Jam

May 29, 2015

We’ve all heard about the power of team building - keeping the group happy and motivated is key to developing a cheerful work environment. In a corporate world full of trust falls and work-related seminars, we would like to suggest a much more enjoyable proposition to bring your team together - a work-weekend at Lakes Jam! We’ve compiled a few reasons why it’s a good idea to take your work crew to Lakes Jam this year:


Please the Whole Crowd

In any group of individuals there are bound to be different opinions - even the tightest and closest groups of friends are bound to disagree about some things. Finding common ground in a working environment can be even more difficult, which is precisely why Lakes Jam is the perfect choice for your corporate group. Lakes Jam has something to offer everyone - country fans, rock fans, and anyone in between can (and will) have a great time at our one-of-a-kind area music festival.




Stand out from the Corporate Crowd

Our goal at Lakes Jam is to be different - each year we will have different musical acts and different entertainment such as an IWA and car show and we want your team to be different too. Nothing lowers office morale faster than monotony. Give your team a reason to be the envy of the rest in your field with a trip to Lakes Jam and watch the new recruits line up at the front door.



Loud and Local

Lakes Jam is now on its third glorious year running. The only music festival of its kind in the area, we pride ourselves in having amazing local contributions - from volunteers, to musicians - even local sponsors. Seeing a community organized event such as Lakes Jam operate successfully is a

great way to motivate you and your crew.


So if you find yourself sitting in a circle of people with a playing card stuck to your forehead, or watching yet another corporate bonding video, maybe it’s time for a change. Write a memo, post a message or compose a mission statement and get your corporate team to Brainerd this June for Lakes Jam!


See corprate pricing below. Camping/Camping Wristband Passes for Weekend ticket holders and/or Parking Passes for Weekend & Single Day ticket holders available for purchase online or at the gate. 




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